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Testimonials “New homeowners are still calling me after a month of receiving my
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New Homeowners List
•  Weekly list updated every Friday by the close of business
•  Monthly list, if preferred, updated on the 20 th of each month
•  Customized selection criteria by home value, loan value, zip codes or by county
•  No annual contracts, up front fees or big minimums
•  Phone numbers at no extra charge where available
•  Use the data as often as you want (Subscriber Use Only)
•  Personalized customer service offering quick turn around times
•  Subscription prices are given up front based on annual averages for your area

We help you set your strategy
•  We know what works in your industry
•  We share our insights and experience at no extra charge
•  Your success is vital to our long term relationship

Our recommendations help you
•  Establish your image
•  Highlight your key services at a glance
•  Make a good offer that will entice prospects to respond
•  Net valuable feedback and is measurable

Committed to quality data...
We offer a 97% deliverable guarantee on our leads. Any mail that is returned due to an incorrect address will be refunded.

NEW! Market Trend Reports
We now compile an internal database that predicts real estate market trends in local markets. (Reports Only)

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