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1. What makes Direct Data different –We abstract our own data. Our employees gather our new homeowners list directly from courthouse deeds and deeds of trust. That means you are getting your leads straight from the source. That is what makes our data fresher. We specialize in abstracting new home buyer data in 11 states.

2. How does it work and what is the cost – Once you choose your criteria, your sales person will go over the monthly average of how many new homeowners are moving into your marketing area. Price is based on the monthly average of how many names you will receive. You will get a weekly or monthly email containing your file of new homeowner names and addresses. You only pay for the names you receive. Your price will stay the same as long as you don’t make any changes that will increase or decrease your order. We have no set up fees and no email fees.

3. Does my price stay the same if I get a weekly order vs. a monthly order- Yes, once you are locked into a price based on your monthly average you pay the per piece price whether you receive it weekly or monthly.

4. Can I customize by home value or zip codes- Yes. You can customize your order so you are reaching the prime prospects you are searching for. Select by home value, loan value, zip codes, counties and we can also filter out new construction and condos if needed.

5. Do you have any annual contracts- No. Our contract allows you to cancel at anytime if you are not satisfied for any reason. If you cancel, hold or change your order, we require a 24 hour notice before your order is filled.

6. Will I get any duplicates- No. Even though we collect fresh weekly data, our file goes through a thorough de-duping process.

7. What if I get returns back from the post office- When doing direct mail you will always get some returns, about 1 to 2% for several reasons. That is why we offer 97% deliverability on our weekly and monthly orders and 93% deliverability on back data. We will reimburse the cost of your lead and postage for any returns that exceed 3% of your order.

8. How do I know the data is fresh - Our employees gather data directly from deeds that have been recorded at the courthouse, usually within 3 to 4 days of the filing date.

9. Do you have phone numbers-Yes, we have about 38% phone numbers at no extra charge.

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